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  RAILjobs.com - Your one-stop railroad career resource center. The website for rail professionals and railroad companies, where we bring Rail Industry and Rail Professionals together. We created this section to answer the most commonly asked questions that we received from our website visitors. We hope you will find all the information that you need here. If you don't, please feel free to e-mail us at support@trainweb.com and you will sure get reply from us.

  • Is RAILjobs.com free?
    YES. RAILjobs.com service is absolutely FREE for all rail companies & job seekers.

  • How do I post my job?
    It's very simple. Just follow the easy steps listed below:
    1. Go to www.RailJobs.com/employers/postjobs.html.
    2. Fill out the form completely.
    3. Remember to note down your password.
    4. Once you submit job listing, make sure you note down your AD number.
    5. AD number and password is very important for future use.

  • How do I update/delete/renew my job?
    You can update, delete or renew your job listings at any time before its expiration date.
    Go to www.RailJobs.com/employers/emputility.html.

  • How do I access resumes?
    There are 3 ways to access resumes:
    1. Select an appropriate category from the drop-down menu box and then click on the 'View ADs' button.
    2. If you want to view ALL the resumes, simply press the 'View ADs' button without selecting a category.
    3. Using 'keword' or 'phrase' search option.
    » To access resumes go to www.RailJobs.com/jobseekers/resumeaccess.html.

  • How do I use 'Keyword' or 'Phrase' search?
    1. Go to www.RailJobs.com/jobseekers/resumeaccess.html.
    2. Search every resume containing any or all of your keywords.(All searches are case insensitive)
    » Example:
    If you are looking for a candidates with experience in dispatching for BNSF, enter "BNSF dispatching", then select: "All of the words in an AD" every AD containing ALL of these keywords will be displayed to you.
    3. You can also search for an entire "phrase".
    » Example:
    Such as: "looking for", "job candidates", etc. Just enter the phrase, then select an "EXACT PHRASE in AD".

  • Do you sell our E-mail address?
    NO. We will never sell sell your email address to third party. Your e-mail address is for our internal use only. We use your email address for sending notifications only. All the job seekers will reply to your posting by using an unique job AD number. Our software then send e-mail notification using this unique job AD number.

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